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What we do


cropped-logotypeblue.jpgDeath Ed is a public health outreach project based at the Institute for Palliative Care in Lund, Sweden. Our goal is to get people talking more about death and dying and create a culture around end-of-life which is less stigmatising, isolating, and fear-provoking. We believe that once we start talking about death more, we can feel more informed and empowered to make decisions and ascertain good care at the end of life.


Death Ed’s Mission Statements

1)  Create spaces uniting the medical community, volunteers, faith communities, diverse academic and lay institutions, and citizens in discussions about death, dying and mourning.

2) Create a network where people can explore these topics in an unprejudiced environment.



The Institute for Palliative Care (PUC) has been developing better ways to educate healthcare professionals and create new tools for understanding and creating quality end-of-life care since 2013. Starting in 2018, PUC is expanding itself into the realm of public health through the Death Ed project.

This project opens up spaces where people can deliberate on moral and ethical perceptions of death, and take transformative action in their own lives and in the lives of others. It is a cross-border, cultural and educational initiative which intends to break stigma around death and dying and create light-hearted ways to explore what the end-of-life can mean and entail.

Death Ed’s program is simple. We organise cafés where people can talk about death, host film screenings and lecturers who deliberate on death and dying, and collect interviews with people who we think have something interesting to say about death, illness, or care. We will collect these thoughts into a storybook about death, which you can access here, in our blog

Our program is changing and growing every day. Check our calendar to see what’s new, and if you have a suggestion, please contact our outreach coordinator.

Death Ed’s Staff

Outreach Coordinator: Jamie Woodworth |

Project co-leaders: Birgit Rasmussen, Carl-Johan Fürst

Sponsored by: Palliativt Utvecklingscentrum | Region Skåne, Lunds Universitet